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We may be one of the newest on the block, but we are also one of the best...Casino Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. "Debbie Does...Casino Events" takes pride in providing professional and efficient service for any Casino themed event, whether it is a Corporate Event, a Private Party, a Holiday Party, a Prom or Grad-Nite Event.

Debbie does it right!

Experienced dealers give your event the genuine feel of a casino, which your guests will appreciate and enjoy. Our dealers are of the best trained, with years of experience in dealing the various casino games through-out Reno, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, as well as the local card rooms in the Bay Area.

Our personnel arrives at each event well groomed, friendly and eager to teach the games to the less knowledgeable players, which will make your guests feel like a winner every time.

Ready for a fun-filled Casino themed event?

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