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About our Casino Events

Debbie Does…Casino Events


Debbie Does Casino Events is capable of putting on a casino themed party for Corporate events, Prom Nights, Grad-Nites, Private events and Holiday Parties


We will put together a proposal based on the details of your event (number of guests, type of event, location, etc).  There are various aspects of what makes up a proposal, as some may forget to include the delivery, set-up and breakdown charges, overtime, long distance charges, relief dealers, etc. These may apply to certain events.  Keep in mind that everything is negotiable, so if a quote seems too high, there are ways to work it out and keep the price within your budget.


(Although we do not send out a price list, every proposal shows the breakdown of all costs. There are no hidden fees and this also allows us to work within us client’s budget with no surprises).


There is a 30% deposit required at contract, with the remaining balance due on or before the event date.  If an event is booked in December or within 30 days of the proposal, the deposit will be 50% of total price.  MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Checks and Cash are acceptable forms of payment. 


The Dealers


We have some great dealers who work for us and throughout the past 5 years we have built a solid foundation based on trust, fairness and integrity.  The dealers we select are professionally trained and have dealt in the Nevada casinos, New Jersey casinos, as well as the local card rooms in the Bay Area.  They know their game, look sharp and are always eager to teach others the “inside scoop” on how to play a particular game.  Having experienced dealers is an important factor when it comes to certain events. Knowledge of the game and accurate pay-offs are a plus, as inaccuracy lessens the potential to raise funds.


We do have dealers that are not professionally trained, but have been trained to deal for casino companies. When using these dealers, we generally will use them on the “fun” parties and we re-train the dealers so they are knowledgeable in the rules and procedures of the game, as well as the pay-off of bets.  We will never put a dealer on a game that he or she doesn’t know how to deal, just to cover the game. That is not fair to our clients or to the guests.


The Delivery Crew


Our delivery crew are experienced in unloading and setting up the equipment according to a casino layout based on the area available, in regards to other functions or activities and most importantly to the satisfaction of our clients. They are very familiar with the numerous venues in the San Francisco Bay Area, whether it is a prominent hotel, restaurant, winery, convention center, church or school.


On smaller events, Debbie has been known to help in doing the delivery and set-up.  If we can manage to do so, with minimal help, then that allows us to lower the delivery costs to our clients.


Casino Packages


Casino packages have the option of using Dealers or not, and contain the following:

  • The selected games for the event
  • The selected dealers for each game (optional)
  • A Casino Manager to oversee Casino & dealers
  • Delivery, set-up and breakdown of equipment
  • Casino Chips
  • Casino Scrip (Various Denominations)
  • Accessories for all games
  • Raffle tickets

Casino Procedures


Your Casino Manager will arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to the casino start time, with the dealers arriving a half-hour before the Casino opens. The 'CM' will go over Casino times, Scrip, Chip exchange and Awarding prizes and answer any last minute questions you may have. Throughout the evening, the CM will oversee the Casino games and dealers, as well as ensure that your event is running smoothly and the guests are having a great time.


When your players come into the Casino, they will receive Scrip: a Casino note in denominations from 20pts  to 500pts. The scrip may be exchanged at any table for chips. 


Throughout the evening, players will play at the various tables.  As the evening winds down, just prior to closing the Casino, we will make an announcement to notify the players that the gaming will end in 15 minutes.  This will give the guests time to make their last bets, in hopes to gain more chips.   Did I hear someone say, "all in"?


For more info, please contact Debbie today 


at   408-770-0930